Quality Conversations

Quality Conversations is the most complete and comprehensive educational system designed to measurably enhance the customer service and sales skills of customer contact professionals.

The success of any organisation is ultimately determined by the quality of conversation a staff member has with a customer at any particular point in time.

Quality conversations educates customer contact professionals to more effectively communicate with customers and facilitate a conversation that is engaging, effective and efficient.

Developed by world renowned sales and customer contact specialist Frank Romano, the Quality Conversations program has been carefully designed to meet the challenges faced in the customer contact industry. The technology that has gone into Quality Conversations is a combination of 20 years of research and development into human relations skills, and the structure of effective influence.

Each topic covered within the Quality Conversations program has been developed using leading-edge behavioural science technology, with a focus on the understanding of how linguistics affect someone’s neurology, and how words – used in a certain context, ellicit a particular neurological reaction from a customer.

Quality Conversations is a training and development program that is designed and tailored individually; to precisely deliver the required customer service and sales outcomes for each client.

The workshop sessions have been developed with the resources of over twenty years of experience; collated to specifically address areas lacking in call centre and customer service environments.

The topics covered focus on the key fundamentals of Quality Conversations, and have been carefully constructed to have a significant impact; not only on the participant’s professional lives, but on a personal level also.

Quality Conversations Topics

  • Managing our emotional state
  • Developing an attitude for service success
  • Dealing with stress in a challenging environment
  • Balancing emotions with expectations
  • Victim mentality vs Master mentality
  • Understanding the Mind – Body loop
  • The ultimate success formula
  • Know your outcome – the key to self-motivation
  • Understanding the structure of rapport
  • How to gain respect and trust
  • Discover the keys to being liked
  • Mastering rapport through Pacing and Leading
  • The power of auditory matching
  • Developing behavioural flexibility
  • The characteristics of an effective general interest statement
  • Developing motivational strategies that capture prospect interest
  • Words to use – Words to loose
  • Pacing and leading a state of disinterest to interest
  • Facilitating the perception of value
  • Managing the flow of a Quality Conversation
  • Understanding your customer’s true motives and agenda
  • Delivering greetings that work
  • Professional telephone etiquette and courtesy
  • The keys to effectively responding to objections and dealing with resistance
  • Seeking clarity and understanding before responding
  • Pacing and leading – The number one diffuser of conflict
  • The deadly words to avoid when answering objections
  • When an objection is not an objection
  • Discover the fundamental keys to responding to questions