Precision Selling

Unlike the traditional approach to sales training, the Precision Selling program is vastly different, because it is derived from the customers’ perspective, and synthesises that vantage-point with the salespersons’ planning, actions and reasoning.

Precision Selling is not designed for salespeople who simply want to hang on to the past. It is intended for professionals who are looking for an edge today and tomorrow – professionals who are looking for the difference that can make all the difference.

Developed in Australia, and proven around the world, Precision Selling was created by combining two of the most powerful behavioural technologies in the world today: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, and Advanced Behavioural Modelling, created by master NLP trainer Marvin Oka and Dr Wyatt Woodsmall.

Precision Selling was created to fill an ever-increasing void in current sales training. It was created through passion: through Marvin Oka’s passion for behavioural research and Frank Romano’s passion for the sales profession. Ultimately, this has proved to be a dynamic combination.

This workshop program will develop the three fundamentals for integrated competency development – knowledge, skills and attitude. The knowledge that participants gain is not a rehash of standard sales methods, but new knowledge based on discoveries derived from behavioural modelling processes.

This approach brings insights, understandings and new skill sets into the profession. It’s not a shotgun, one-size-fits-all approach. participants develop the skills to tailor, adjust and adapt their approach, as directly suited to the uniqueness of each buyer. In developing this degree of precision, the attitude of every salesperson is upgraded to new levels of professionalism and expertise. This is critically important in a sales environment where every customer counts.

The practical development of new skills, along with the-on-the-job application and learning, makes learning a process not an event. Over time, participants develop the ability to internalise and personalise new skills, knowledge and success habits by applying them in real-life sales situations.

Precision Selling delivers more than just the knowledge, skills and attitudes-taught. It has the power to transform salespeople into more confident, responsible and capable professionals, with the ability to consistently produce outstanding results.

Precision selling Program Topics include

  • Developing your integrity and mindset for sales success
  • Typical salesperson vs the value adding professional
  • Respect, professionalism and “selling yourself “
  • Rapport – The foundation of sales success
  • Developing behavioural flexibility 
  • Seek first to understand, then be understood
  • Managing the conversation through artful questioning techniques
  • Understanding the conscious and unconscious patterns of the buying process
  • Discovery and facilitation of the 7 buying strategies
  • How to facilitate the customers motivation, decision and assurance to buy
  • Understanding your customer’s true motives and agenda
  • How to manage customer relationship expectations
  • Developing consultative expertise and understanding of customer values
  • Calibration skills, reading the customer’s non verbals
  • Communicating the benefits of what you have to offer
  • The unspoken laws of dress for the value adding professional
  • Congruency, consistency and reliability – the keys to being trustworthy
  • Quality Sales Conversations vs Verbal unloading
  • The perils of selling on price
  • Objections – A conversation killer or a great opportunity
  • Closing with confidence and gaining your prospect’s commitment